A town blessed with water

Ikeda Town has a lot of rain. Forested area that occupies 90% of the town acts as a natural reservoir. A lot of snow falls in winter, which remains frozen on the mountains until spring and melts slowly. In the center of the town there is Asuwa River, whose water source is located on Mt. Kanmuri (1257 m), and three rivers join together to make that river. The water flowing in Ikeda Town’s rivers is always pure and clean.

Built in the Edo period "Uejima Yousui”

Although water is abundant, it is difficult for water to flow at elevated areas. Over 200 years ago, in the Edo era, Uejima Jubei, spent 28 years in building a canal at about 8 km in length to draw water into his village. It is called "Uejima Water for Irrigation (Uejima Yousui)”, and the canal survives until now. In addition to this, there was also "Hakka mura Yousui”, a name for water that flows into to the eight villages in the center of the town.

Three types of water that support life

There are 3 types of water in the households in Ikeda Town: tap water, well water from underground, and spring water from the mountains. Good-quality water is crucial in making soba and tofu. On the upstream of the river there is a beautiful "Ryuso Falls". You can also find sweetfish that can only be found in clear rivers. "Hot Springs" will make many people happy and healthy. At the sightseeing base of the town "Kottekote Ikeda", you can find natural mineral water "Mama no Mizu” being sold. It is an ultra-soft water with hardness of 48.98 mg/liter that has a very soft mouthfeel. It is very suitable to be used in cooking delicious rice.
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